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JANE HUGHES 24 years old, our heroine, a drone-like worker in a repressive dystopian world who has inner stirrings of freedom and rebellion.   She recalls a better, more beautiful world from her childhood, and gets in touch with those feelings whenever she puts on the Red Dress.  Then her spirit soars, and she becomes empowered, heroic, and alive.


MOTHER In her late 40’s, devoted to the Leader and the State, she follows the rules and regulations and is fearful of any hint of rebellion.   She has a secret love in her past, and it has left her disappointed, unhappy, and full of guilt.


UNCLE DAN  In his mid-50’s, Jane’s uncle, a kind, trusting, idealistic man, in touch with nature and opposed to anything that cripples the human spirit.


JOHN Q In his mid-30’s, an enigmatic figure, both charismatic and secretive; the leader of the resistance.  Idealistic but practical, peaceful but ready to fight, he has a transformative power, and is also Jane’s love interest.


LEADER In his late 40’s, a totalitarian dictator who espouses high ideals and the good of the people while enforcing repressive rule.  He is brilliant, mesmerizing, and power-hungry; in a past life he was a much different, kinder person, but he perceives that as a weakness and tries to stifle it always.


MINISTER OF ORDER In his 40’s, the Leader’s right-hand man, who carries out his brutal policies and sometimes goes beyond them in his zealous devotion to the state.  


RACHEL  Jane’s friend, early 20’s, works in the Public Gardens, outwardly obedient but living a secret life with a female lover, she is a dreamer and full of hope.


MICHELLE  Jane’s co-worker, mid-20’s, fun-loving, sexy, ambitious, social-climbing, not to be trusted.


RODNEY Jane’s co-worker, late 20’s-early 30’s, a dorky type of vague sexuality, nervous and worried, always following the rules.


HUNDING The office manager, middle-aged.  Pompous, bossy, and generally clueless, he is blindly loyal to the state – a true bureaucrat.


LARA, FORREST, SYLVANA & HUNTER Resistance members.  Young, idealistic, fanatical in their devotion to the cause.


SERGEANT A man in his 30’s–40’s, a mid-level member of the police force, does his job, asks no questions, dedicated to upholding the law whether it’s right or wrong.


SECURITY INSPECTOR  A male or female, a typical faceless government security worker, no-nonsense, no inner life.

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